Can I Still Travel Overseas After I File for Bankruptcy?

Can I Still Travel Overseas
If you remain compliant and do what is required of you while you are bankrupt then the answer is yes! All you need to do is apply to your bankruptcy trustee for approval to go, pay the $150 government application fee, and about a week later you will get written approval to travel. There is a one-page form you need to fill out just to inform the trustee of where you intend to go and how long you will be away. Sometimes the trustee will request your passport, but do not worry about it as you can ask for it back when you would like to travel. This rule only really exists so high flyers do not skip the country.

A word of warning if you do not remain compliant with what is required of you while you are bankrupt then you will be denied travel. Every day we get calls from Victorians who have been denied travel and it is heartbreaking.

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